Friday, October 29, 2010

National Strategic Conference 2010

National Strategic Conference, or NSC, is the last conference of the year, held towards the end of October or beginning of November. This year, it is being hosted by AIESEC Pune. The delegates for this conference include the leadership bodies from 23 cities in India, and members that constitute the leadership pipeline of, not only the local chapters, but also of AIESEC India as a whole.

This year, however, is different. The reason for this is that this conference is not just another NSC, and why it is so pivotal to AIESEC India is because of what we call Vision 2015. Every five years, AIESEC creates a long term plan for the next five years, and envisions an ambitious end goal at the end of this period. This year, 2010, marks the coming of a new vision. It is at this conference that the smartest young minds in India get together for 5 days packed with an agenda that focuses solely on creating a future for AIESEC India that will impact the entire country for a much more positive societal change through providing a platform for the young, budding entrepreneurs to take forward their ideas and dreams for their country.

At National Strategic Conference 2010, we will be having the likes of Google, LinkedIN and Tata Consultancy Services coming to the Golden Pond Resort in Silvassa to address the delegates of the conference.


 For NSC 2010, AIESEC Pune has partnered with:


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President's Address

AIESEC, as the world’s most global youth run organization, develops the youth of today into the leaders of tomorrow by providing an unparalleled personal development platform consisting of leadership opportunities, corporate exposure, international internships, local and national conferences and participation in a global learning environment, not to mention we provide our members with an opportunity to build a 30,000 person strong network with the brightest young minds from all over the globe.

Since its conception in 1987, AIESEC Pune has impacted thousands of young people, and has given them an unmatched edge over their peers. Today, it provides society with high potential membership armed with leadership advantage in socially relevant issues.

Supported by leading organizatons in the city, including Forbes Marshall, Symbiosis, Zensar Technologies, Jetline Group, Cummins Generator Technologies, etc. 
AIESECers have carved a niche for themselves, and are among the few individuals who, at any point of time, are sought after by leading organizations the world over.

As the President of AIESEC Pune, I am certain that your experience with AIESEC will be amazing. Welcome to AIESEC Pune.

Best Regards,

Varun Avasthi

Local Committee President

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